This page lists some of the specific benefits of ActionMap
for particular groups of users

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The basic results are the same in every case:

Better faster group problem solving,
consensus building and decision making

How are you creating these results now?



Information Technology Organizations:
Broaden the Business /
IT Communications Channel
  • Deeper engagement with business users through more detailed shared understanding of business process operations and change drivers
  • Deeper engagement with business leaders through a greater shared understanding of high level business and IT processes
  • Deeper engagement by staff through greater transparency to operational processes and more efficient, effective collaboration
  • Acceleration of all phases of IT development and implementation, by reducing the calendar and clock time required by meetings
  • Simple, effective continuous Improvement of all IT management and operational processes



Local Government, Public Agencies,
  • Engage community in greater ownership of services delivered
  • Increase volume and diversity of services delivered
  • Reduce cost of operations
  • Accelerate community and economic development


Solutions Selling:
IT channel partners, software shops, process consultants
  • Increase revenue / shorten time to revenue 
  • Acquire more clients by offering free initial consulting sessions
  • Accelerate the exchange of information on client process and service provider capabilities
  • Tangibly demonstrate understanding of client needs
  • Identify broader opportunities for engagement
  • Accelerate discovery 
  • Enhance co-development of solutions
  • Shorten time to contract
  • Speed up capture and agreement on requirements 



Program Champions, Process Owners 
  • Shorten time required and increase quality of executive buy-in
  • Speed up and strengthen stakeholder alignment
  • More quickly resolve project bottlenecks
  • Accelerate project milestone reviews


Business Analysis and
Solutions Consulting Groups
  • Faster process knowledge capture and signoff = greater staff capacity
  • More accurate process knowledge exchange = fewer meetings, shorter time to phase completion


Staffing and Recruiting Companies
  • Faster and more accurate capture of job requirements
  • Faster and more accurate assessment of candidate knowledge and ability
  • Better, faster matching of candidates to openings


HR, Engagement and Coaching
  • Involve employees earlier and more closely in process improvement efforts
  • Show employees where they fit into the overall organizational value stream
  • Identify and discuss performance improvement opportunities in terms of specific workflow areas

Accelerate Innovation