Partnering with Consultants to

Accelerate, Increase, and Broaden Client Value Delivery

 Jim Johnson, Owner and Principal Consultant, ActionMap Inc.

  • Speed up relationship development and project launch
  • Extend engagement scope and duration
  • Expand service offerings and market reach

Delivery, software, and training
for fast-result, high-engagement workshops
supporting strategy, effectiveness,
team building, and more

“Results in hours and days
instead of weeks and months”

The ActionMap® Toolkit™ method has been used in over 100 engagements, with organizations including these:

ActionMap’s Core Value Proposition for Consultants

ActionMap workshops quickly provide your client’s teams with:
– a strong shared understanding of their organization’s activities,
– along with sharing the team’s and stakeholders’ goals, issues, and ideas,
– in a compact method focused on creating concrete action plans.

This rapidly and reliably creates a strong foundation for consultants to:
– apply their subject matter expertise and specialized skill sets to clients’ high-priority needs and interests,
– accelerate client value delivery and
– strengthen the client/consultant relationship.

We deliver the workshops with you and/or provide you with the software and training for you to deliver the workshops.