ActionMap Marketing Plan Summary – Q2 2020

Three major product/service offerings

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“Map That Job!” – free online training for individuals to give them greater capability to initiate and manage changes in their jobs: better performance and recognition, more satisfaction, less stress and/or moves within their current organization or to another organization.

ActionMap Toolkit – SaaS application, for accelerating collaboration results in process focused online meetings.

Consultant Revenue Accelerator – A fixed price, relatively fixed hours package of training and coaching for small and independent consultancies and management coaches on learning the ActionMap Toolkit software, applying it to enhance their consulting practices, and obtaining a first paid engagement based on its use.

In addition, ActionMap will deliver workshops based on the ActionMap Toolkit

General market development strategy

“Map That Job!” will address a very large market, i.e. people who want to improve their jobs. Some of them will upgrade to paid software subscriptions.

The software is naturally viral: anyone who attends a workshop will see its value.

Consultants will sometimes engage ActionMap to conduct paid workshops with their clients in order to accelerate their own use of the software.

Initial marketing channels phase

Major goals:

  • Gain initial visionary/innovator users
  • Create awareness
  • Market research
  • Network extension


  • Articles and posts on LinkedIn, creating awareness of the three offerings.
  • Including A/B testing for message response
  • Direct outreach to individual consultants to generate interest in the Consultant Revenue Accelerator package.
  • This will include pure “market research call” to learn and focus market interest and message.
  • Pro bono workshops to create testimonials and social validation
  • Through a variety of channels

Following the initial marketing channels phase

Based on the results of the initial marketing channels work (i.e. need to do better or desire to amplify), the following channel activities will be added:

  • Paid advertising on LinkedIn
  • Paid lead generation focused on LinkedIn




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