ActionMap Accelerates Projects
by Accelerating Project Collaboration 

Are you or a client in one or more of these situations?

Project benefits need to be delivered faster
Project launch needs to be completed earlier and better
Project milestones need to be reached sooner
Project delays need to be avoided, decreased and quickly resolved
The risks of project overruns and/or failure need to be reduced
One of the biggest single sources of project delays, overruns and risks is
Not enough detailed shared understanding, agreement and commitment to take action on process models and project plans
It’s not a project management problem;
It’s a process collaboration problem
ActionMap’s Solution:
Fast-paced, high-engagement facilitated work sessions with key stakeholders to:
  • Rapidly create strong, shared, detailed understanding, agreement and commitment to take action, supported by
  • High quality process maps, evaluations and action plans.
ActionMap methods have been proven
in hundreds of meetings with companies including HP, Chevron, Target, ConAgra, PG&E and Kaiser
Summaries of engagements where
the ActionMap method has been used
can be seen at this link
Qualifying Questions for ActionMap Consulting and Training Services
Do you or your clients experience too many project delays, setbacks, overruns and cancellations?
Do you attribute a significant percentage of those issues to not achieving enough strong, shared, detailed understanding, agreement and commitment with respect to target processes and project plans?
For situations where you really need to accelerate your project or overcome delays as soon as possible:
Are you confident that you have sufficient access to strong skills, either in-house or via contractors…
…for facilitating rapid collaboration results around process learning, analysis, evaluation, design, planning, decision making and problem solving?
If you are confident that you have sufficient access to those skills, you probably do not need ActionMap services.
If you have questions about whether you might need additional access to such skills, please contact us for a conversation about that.
Please note that access to those skills can be increased by:
  • Meeting facilitation and related services, and/or
  • Training your staff in ActionMap method, and/or
  • Software to support the training and operation of the method
Service Engagement Details
Who does the work
ActionMap consulting and training services are delivered by Jim Johnson, principal consultant, ActionMap Inc.
With a degree in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College,
Jim has over 30 years of experience in:
• IT management, operations and development,
• program and project management,
• process reengineering, re-design and improvement,
• management consulting, and
• meeting facilitation.
Jim has had first-hand experience with hundreds of business/technology development and improvement situations. He knows how they work, where the pain points, obstacles and slow-downs are, and how to fix them, break through them and accelerate them.
A large part of the time the problem is incomplete, unshared or insufficiently detailed understanding, agreement and commitment to take action.
That’s why ActionMap developed the ActionMap Toolkit, a highly reliable and repeatable method for quickly creating high quality collaboration results.
Descriptions of projects where Jim has used the ActionMap Toolkit to produce these results are provided at this link.
The primary deliverables in all ActionMap engagements are:
• Strong, shared detailed understanding, agreement and commitment to take action, supported by
• High quality process maps, evaluations and action plans.
These basic results can be translated into or supported by many other work product formats, produced by Jim or through Jim’s guidance.
Large scale and extended projects, programs and initiatives can be accelerated by:
• training client staff in the ActionMap Toolkit method (which can be accomplished in an few hours, largely through self-training), and then
• collaborating with client staff to apply those skills to broad-scope discovery, analysis, redesign and planning.
Please note that these deliverables and results are compatible with virtually all other methodologies.  Why?  Because ActionMap focuses on the “people” results of understanding, agreement and commitment, which are needed in all cases.
How we engage
Jim engages with clients as a supporting staff member or subcontractor to existing or proposed projects and initiatives.
Services generally take the form of short-notice, short-term engagements involving high impact facilitations of one or more meetings using the ActionMap Toolkit method and software.
These services are delivered in energetic, strong-engagement online meetings.
Service Areas
Services address several major areas including:
• Project and program acceleration
• Team building
• Customer experience modeling and solutions selling
• Organizational transformation
Project and program acceleration
Engagement factors
Engagement factors for project and program acceleration typically include:
• complex business/technology processes and projects
• multiple stakeholder groups
• time urgency
High value delivery areas
High value areas where the ActionMap method has been applied for acceleration include:
• Initial work breakdown structure during project/program design
• Ensuring high levels of alignment at project launch
• Fast, thorough discovery of process improvement and development opportunities for cost reduction, market re-alignment and productivity boosts
• Rapid creation of high level future-state process designs for broader review and refinement
• Overcoming project delays due to lack of agreement on major decision points
• Organizational process review and action identification in the face of complex, urgent need
• Responding to project crises that are due to unforeseen technical or collaboration complexities and immediate deadlines
• Vision and strategy based on high level current state and alternative future state modeling and evaluation
ActionMap’s goal in these engagements is to produce the needed results in hours and days instead of weeks and months.
Team Building
The best form of team building is to do real work together. ActionMap training combined with process modeling by breakout groups can be used to quickly bring a large diverse teams together in cross-organizational improvement and redesign efforts.
Customer experience modeling and solutions selling
ActionMap process mapping and evaluation at a transaction level of detail can be applied to all aspects of the customer’s experience with a client’s products and services. These models can be used to
  • generate marketing content and sales messages.
  • create templates of customer utilization of the product and service.
These templates can be introduced and customized in collaboration with customers/prospects to accelerate engagement, discovery and solutions co-development.
Training in the ActionMap method can give solutions consultants additional capability for discovery, analysis and solutioning resulting in shorter, wider sales funnels.
Organizational transformation
A key to organizational transformation is to share knowledge of organizational processes so that staff can:
• see their place in the creation of customer value,
• collaborate better across organizational boundaries and
• contribute more ideas to process improvement.

ActionMap training quickly equips staff with the skills to rapidly create and share those process models and associated evaluations.
At the same time mapping, evaluation and planning can be exercised in a multi-management-level program to.
• discover new opportunities,
• redesign processes to meet those opportunities, and
• reshape organization structures to operate those processes.
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