Rapidly solve complex problems and
create strong, detailed consensus for action

Results in hours and days
instead of weeks and months

Where do you need fast group problem solving and strong detailed consensus?

  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Project launch
  • Team building
  • Major decision points
  • Urgent problem solving
  • Organizational transitions

Delivered: over one hundred high-engagement workshops including with:

With our new software, we are able to extend these workshops to an even wider range of industries, geographies and organizational sizes.

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Testimonials for ActionMap Services

Process Improvement

ActionMap methods “in 8 hours saved us roughly 4 four weeks of confusion and stress, and moved us 4 weeks closer to providing professional orderly service to our customers” in an IT process improvement initiative at Hewlett-Packard.

Hudi Cantrell, ISST Training, HP

Software Development

ActionMap process mapping techniques “brought immediate organization to a startup $10M software project; and facilitated the product to be delivered 6 months ahead of schedule with 25% less staff and hundreds of thousands of dollars below budget” at Fireman’s Fund.

Mike Gantos, General Manager, Enwisen


ActionMap techniques “played a key role in meeting aggressive schedules in a major marketing and sales development program aimed at a $30 million annual benefit” at Hunt-Wesson.

Bruce Bayless, VP Customer Marketing, Hunt-Wesson


Strategic Alignment and Direction  

ActionMap procedures “helped produce breakthrough results in strategic alignment and direction setting in a reengineering program for an 8000-location convenience store network” at Chevron.

Joe McKinney, Partner, CSC


Business Planning

“Jim Johnson worked with me to create a dynamic approach that I could follow to develop an effective detailed business plan for Museum Hue. His collaborative approach was crucial.  A key work product was an ActionMap diagram that clearly outlined Museum Hue’s current operations. Jim encouraged me to think about how to effectively advance my work and create better strategies for the organization. Jim also highlighted Museum Hue’s unique programming and provided ideas on ways we can grow and take advantage of other opportunities. Jim’s assistance and guidance will help take Museum Hue to the next level.”

Stephanie Cunningham, Creative Director, Museum Hue 

Free online training
for ActionMap problem solving and consensus building

60 minutes with pencil and paper gives you the basic skill

For a limited time the free training is available without registration at thls link

ActionMap delivers high-engagement workshops 

that quickly create strong detailed consensus for change using the following elements

  • Shared Understanding

Capture and show each person’s knowledge of the activity on

Maps are high quality models that show the cause and effect relationships of the activity.

  • Agreement about Interests

Capture and share each person’s 

Evaluations are expressions of people’s interests, values and ideas with respect to the parts of the Map.

  • Commitment to Take Action

Brainstorm, prioritize and assign 

Specific and immediately “do-able” actions that bring the group together in moving forward with the project.

The ActionMap Toolkit Software Application:

Fast, convenient online meetings
and training to run your own workshops

ActionMap group sessions can be delivered using an online application that allows for virtual meetings and accelerates information capture.  This further reduces meeting time while increasing the pace, energy and scope of the work sessions

In addition to supporting workshops, ActionMap software and its built-in methods training can help quickly distribute strong problem solving and consensus building capabilities across an entire organization

Schedule time for a free 30-minute demonstration and consultation 
about your interest in accelerating problem solving and consensus building

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Jim Johnson, ActionMap co-founder and principal consultant, brings over 30 years of experience to accelerating process change in business and technology, along with hundreds of experiences in leading high energy group meetings.

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