ActionMap Training Introduction Videos
Video Table of Contents

ActionMap in a Nutshell

Time – 1:09   

Content – A brief overview of the ActionMap method

Core Operation of the Software – Demo

Time – 3: 08  

Content – Quick demonstration of the mechanics of the software as a faciliation tool.

“Demonstration of the Software in Use” Video

Time –  6:54

Content – This is useful if you would like to see how the software operates.

“Full method / random input” Video

Time –  8:09

Show a run through of all the activities in the software using random text inputs.  Can be run at 2x speed to reduce the time to four minutes.  Purpose is to show the mechanics of the software without concern for capturing specific meaningful information. 

ActionMap in a Nutshell

Core Operation of the Software – Demo
(Best viewed full screen)

Demonstration of the Software in Use
(Best viewed full screen)

Full run through of the method with random input

(Can be run at 2x speed, see the gear at the bottom right of the video. There is no audio.)

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