Better Faster Process Change

Results in Hours and Days Instead of Weeks and Months

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What’s the secret sauce?

ActionMap methods are organized around two basic facts:

1) Process operations depend on process knowledge,

that is, stakeholders’ mental models of

how the process operates

and what it does for them.

When the process knowledge goes away,

the process soon stops operating.

2)  Process change depends on changing process knowledge,

through the exchange and development of

what people know, think and feel about the process.

 If there is no change in people’s mental models, 

there is no intentional, constructive change in the process.

ActionMap leverages these facts in the following way:

ActionMap accelerates 
process change by 

supporting the way people

 exchange and develop

process knowledge:

what they know, think and

feel about the process

ActionMap accelerate collaboration by  

rapidly and systematically creating

the sought-after results of collaboration: 

strong shared understanding,

agreement and commitment

to take action

supported by high quality

process maps,

evaluations and action plans

If you can achieve these results in one meeting,

why have two, three or more meeting to do the same?

ActionMap is widely applicable, starts in minutes,

and is fast, effective and easy to use

How are you achieving these results now?

Better faster process collaboration 

produces better faster results in a wide range of activities including:



Problem Solving

Decision Making







ActionMap is also a powerful addition to

individual process thinking capabilities

Capabilities that can be used to

Prepare for meetings

Learn people’s interests

Discover opportunites

Review operations

Analyze alternatives

Research competitors

Coach staff members

Design training

Develop new skills

The ActionMap method has been proven 

in hundreds of engagements. 

It can be applied

in a wide range of applications

that are all critically dependent on 
process knowledge exchange

and development 

What are your current
methods for achieving

better faster 

process change?

ActionMap’s Goal

Results in Hours and Days
Instead of Weeks and Months

ActionMap Inc delivers
projects, facilitation, training and software
based on the ActionMap® Toolkit™

Extensive experience with
large-scale change initiatives

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What is the
big picture?

How does

it work?

Where do I
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