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Why a Demonstration and Discussion

■ After selling and conducting 100+ workshops, and hundreds more ad hoc uses, we have found that people most effectively understand ActionMap when they see a demo, at which point they usually get it right away and can quickly decide whether or not it will be of value to them.

The purpose of this landing page is to provide you with information to help you decide whether or not to schedule that demonstration. 

For a demonstration of ActionMap focused on a topic of interest to you now, and a conversation about how ActionMap can add value to your specific practice, please click below.

Quick Overview

■ The ActionMap Toolkit is a cloud-based software application for conducting fast-paced, high-engagement online process workshops.

■ ActionMap uses a method proven in over 100 workshops with companies including HP, Target, ConAgra, Kaiser, Chevron and The Gap.

■ ActionMap’s main purpose is to greatly accelerate strong shared understanding, agreement and commitment to take action around complex activities.

■ One of the highest-benefit uses of ActionMap is to rapidly produce “go ahead”-levels of shared understanding between you and your prospects, in literally hours instead of days and weeks.

Value Accelerator Package Summary

    • A subscription to the ActionMap® Toolkit™ SaaS application for conducting high-impact online process workshops
    • 30 day free trial, $24/month, $49/quarter, $98/year
    • Free online training - learn the mechanics in under an hour
      (includes training in the "manual" version of the method)
    • Optional training and coaching sessions
    • Using the software in workshops
    • Applying the workshops to business development and projects

The “What” and “Why”

This 2:51 minute video describes how ActionMap produces value in consulting business development in the form of a generalized case study / story.
(Please consider viewing in full screen mode.)

The “How”

This 1:45 minute video provides a preview of how the software works.
Complete ActionMap workshops are conducted using this one page layout.
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Jim Johnson, Co-Founder, ActionMap Inc.

My goal is to increase your consulting revenue by providing you with a tool and skill that expands your capability to accelerate business development and add value to your clients’ business operations.

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